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Elderly with Epilepsy – IctalCare International

Elderly with Epilepsy

If you are elderly, suffering from epilepsy, and live at home, you probably either live by yourself, or with a life companion.

If you live with another person,you have the opportunity of letting EDDI monitor you so the other person will be notified if you have a tonic-clonic epileptic seizure. You wear Senses and the other person can have the A-Unit.

EDDI can help to provide both you and the other person with a new freedom and safety:

IMPORTANT. EDDI is NOT able to replace a person. EDDI is a helping aid, which can make the day and the part about notifying (and in a later version writing down) in relation to tonic-clonic epileptic seizures much easier.


Perspective of a future version of EDDI:

If you live alone, EDDI will help you keep track of your tonic-clonic epileptic seizures, and thereby make sure that you have all the right information for the physicians, which means your medication can be adjusted accordingly. Visiting the physician you bring the diary information with a track record of your tonic-clonic epileptic seizures. Additional you are able to monitor seizure during the night and keep track of events the day before looking into a pattern.

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Brain Sentinel Inc. acquired IctalCare A/S’s assets including the
EDDI epilepsy alarm on December 2, 2017.
Questions regarding the availability of the product can be made directly to Brain
Sentinel Inc. The press release may be found here and Brain
Sentinel can be found online at www.brainsentinel.com.