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Placing Senses – IctalCare International

Placing Senses

When using EDDI one of the most important things is to place Senses correct on the upper arm.

This is to secure a good and strong signal.

The best way to illustrate a good placement is to look at the video below. In the beginning of the video you will find a section which focuses on the placement of Senses.

Additional to the video, the placement of Senses is illustrated below.


The picture show the correct placement on the right and left arm respectively – looking at the picture:

  • placing Senses, hold the arm stretched forward, and the palm facing upward
  • Senses is placed at the center between the armpit and the elbow joint along the yellow line


Notice – dependent placement on right or left arm

  • The two black dots follow the yellow line placed differently
  • the on/off-button will be oriented up or down


Both arms are usually equally good. Do remember to turn Senses correctly (see the illustration). If the seizures are more pronounced in one arm than the other, you can benefit from placing Senses on the better working arm.

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Brain Sentinel Inc. acquired IctalCare A/S’s assets including the
EDDI epilepsy alarm on December 2, 2017.
Questions regarding the availability of the product can be made directly to Brain
Sentinel Inc. The press release may be found here and Brain
Sentinel can be found online at www.brainsentinel.com.