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News – IctalCare International


Februar 2015 – IctalCare participates in CareWare 2015 the 15.-16. of April – come by and meet us, come by and experience EDDI – your new epilepsy alarm.CareWare 2015_logo

CareWare writes:

CareWare 2015 skaber koblingen mellem teknologi og de mennesker, der skal have gavn af den. CareWare sætter fokus på, hvordan teknologien støtter borgerne til at mestre dagligdagen og giver de fagprofessionelle mere rum til menneskelig omsorg i arbejdslivet.

CareWare er for beslutningstagere, fagfolk, virksomheder, iværksættere og forsknings- og uddannelsesinstitutioner, der interesserer sig for innovative løsninger inden for det sundheds- og velfærdsteknologiske område.

Read more about CareWare 2015: carewareweb.dk

June 2014 – Our Clinical Research Manager has been interviewed for an article on seizure alarms for persons with epilepsy. It has just been published by nature.com. Find it here.

December 2013 – IctalCare was rewarded the Product Price of 2013 within the category Welfare by the danish engineer paper “Ingeniøren”, read more here (in Danish).


Among others we would like to thank Markedsmodningsfonden for the support, which for sure is one of the reasons that we reached this point.


October 2013we participated in an article in MedWatch www.medwatch.dk with CEO Kim Gommesen about a capital increase for IctalCare A/S.

September 2013an article on our mobile alarm system in “Medicinsk Teknologi og Informatik” by our Clinical Research Manager Isa Conradsen – Read the entire article here: http://www.e-pages.dk/scanpub/392/ (in Danish).

June 2013 – Large meetings about epilepsy and EDDI

IctalCare participated at 3 large meetings around Denmark in june. The meetings was planned in collaboration with the Danish Epilepsy Association. The meetings gave the listener a possibility to hear more about EDDI, and at the same time experience how it works.

The program for the meeting may be found here (in Danish).

December 2012 (The entire speech may be downloaded here)

[Part of the speech by the Danish health Minister Astrid Krag on the conference “Empowering Intelligent Health Conference” on the 4th of December 2012. The conference was for Danish CEOs and business leaders from the USA and Europe, among others Qualcomm, Intel, Cisco, Roche Diagnostics, PA Consulting UK, Coloplast, Imec, Fraunhofer, Smart Home NL and Continua Health Alliance participated.

[Technology empowers patients]

Let me give you a few examples:

[1. Alarm for patients with epilepsy]

People suffering from epilepsy are from time to time hit by seizures. The attacks cannot be predicted. For this reason, patients are often under close surveillance by other family members or health care professionals – sometimes making life a bit claustrophobic.

By the use of a new device which measures muscle contractions, an alarm goes off when a patient suffering from epilepsy is hit by an attack. This helps family members or health care professionals to respond quickly to an attack and it reduces the need for close surveillance. And it enables the patient to have a much more flexible everyday life.

They can move around without having a “body guard” and both the patient and the caregiver know, that when there is a seizure, an alarm will be sent to a mobile device.

Especially for children it is important, that they can live a life like other children at their age.

This kind of device is of course of high value to the individual patient. But it can be even more useful if the data from all devices are collected systematically.

Potentially, some time in the future this could be used by researchers to predict new attacks.


December 2011          markedsmodningsfonden

IctalCare is very proud to announce that we have received the commitment from fornyelsesfonden (part of the Enterprise and Construction Authority) on a grant of 5.590.000 DKK in connection with the  final development and launch of EDDI. The eligibility period runs from the 1st of December 2011 to the 1st of June 2014. IctalCare has partnered up with Care4all, who will contribute with some of the components and the infrastructure.

The board at the fornyelsesfonden justify their choice with the statement: ”We find the project ”IctalCare 365 Epilepsi Alarm” exciting and promising and has also emphasized that the epilepsy alarm is assessed as a solution with great novelty based on new methods for detecting epileptic seizures, and that it may improve the quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families. The solution is also assessed as potential to ensure more efficient use of resources and staff in the public sector in connection with the investigation and surveillance needed such as care facilities.”

December 2011 – Article in elektronikbranchen.dk 

December 2011 – IctalCare is on the frontpage of the Danish engineer newspaper “Ingeniøren” no. 49:


December 2011 – IctalCare is on the homepage for Højteknologifonden

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Brain Sentinel Inc. acquired IctalCare A/S’s assets including the
EDDI epilepsy alarm on December 2, 2017.
Questions regarding the availability of the product can be made directly to Brain
Sentinel Inc. The press release may be found here and Brain
Sentinel can be found online at www.brainsentinel.com.